The main objective of the program is to facilitate the procedure of registering courses.

It is written in Java programing language and is usable only for Windows.

It is customized to KFUPM's standards (5 numerical values a course).

The program uses AutoHotKey within its backend to be able to run without the need of installing AutoHotkey on the local device.


Run the program then enter the CRNs and click generate

Run the new program

Execute on the first cell

Exit once you are done


Pick version to download

Version 2.1


  • Removed the file location option.
  • AHK presence is no longer needed.
Version 2.0


  • Added Problems/Comments section in the Options
  • Added 4 more combos (total = 8)
  • Added a mechanism to detect first run to ensure having AHK
  • User can reuse it without re-opening it
  • Redesigned and improved the user interface a lot
  • Extremely better error input handling
  • Code/program is more modular
  • And several other minor tweaks
Version 1.2


  • Added Option menu bar which contains
  • 1) An option to download AutoHotKey
  • 2) An option to help user get familiar with it
  • 3) An option to introduce me
  • Added 1 more combo (total = 4)
  • Resized the user interface
  • Program is more modular
  • More error input handling
  • And other minor tweaks
Version 1.1


  • User can insert all CRNs at once
  • User can specify the location to save the program
  • Enhanced the user interface
  • Added 2 more combos (total = 3)
  • Improved error handling
Version 1.0


  • A piece of code to implement an idea
  • Developed mainly to serve me and my needs only
  • Its purpose was not to be shared in the beginning
  • Looked nice to do and to further improve