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Here is a list of my websites that I made in the last couple years. It shows the status of the website/project, the last pushed commit, and the versions of both Vue and Vuetify. Updated on a weekly basis.
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Been using Vue since 2.5.0 , Vuetify since 0.16.9 and Nuxt since 2.14.6.
It is a chore but, I like to upgrade their versions every once in a while to be as up to date as possible.
About me
My name is

Ibrahim Al-Beladi.

26 Years Old. Married. Freelancer. I am an ICS graduate student from KFUPM with a second honorific. I do programming and a website development as a hobby, and I hope to realize that as a freelancer. Just like any developer I use some software applications to develop, I prefer to use FOSS over Proprietary software. I would strongly recommend others to do so even in small gradual steps.

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I am part of:

Al-Ahsa Tech Community


Programming Knights





Mar 2018 - Sept 2018
Cybersecurity Training.
Information security program; which provides entry-level knowledge with a shared foundation focusing on common curricula covering IT security fundamentals, risk management, ethical hacking, incident handling, knowledge about Saudi Cybersecurity Law, and core IT security competencies.
Mar 2018 - Sept 2018
Sept 2012 - Jan 2018
Computer Science (BSc).
Cumulative GPA 3.418/4 (Second Honor).
Major GPA 3.667/4.
Extra-Curricular Courses:
  • Numerical Methods
  • Graph Theory
  • Introduction to Sets and Structures
Sept 2012 - Jan 2018

Hawazen High School

2010 - 2012
General high school program.
Acheived 90.77%.
General Aptitude (Qiyas) 91%.
Scholastic Achievement Test (Tahsili) 91%.
2010 - 2012

Al-Hulaylah Mid School

2007 - 2009
General middle school program.
2007 - 2009

Al-Hulaylah Elementary School

2001 - 2006
General elementary school program.
2001 - 2006
Work Experience
Nov 2020 - Future
Frontend Engineer - Mrsool for Business.
It will be fantastic, I promise!
Nov 2020 - Future
Sep 2020 - Nov 2020
Web & Graphic Designer.
Worked under Solution Delivery Department.
Despite the short time; I designed and improved previous designs and pages to be more mobile responsive. And, I completed some work-in-progress designs and implemented them as front end developer.
Sep 2020 - Nov 2020

Alyaseen Agricultural

Jan 2020 - Sep 2020
Software Engineer.
Worked on debugging and adding features to the current CRM.
Made various reports to facilitate decision making process.
Helped and assisted the users through their needs and problems
Participated in recording, updating and printing debt records.
Installed Odoo and learning how to customize Odoo.
Jan 2020 - Sep 2020

Saudi Aramco

Jul 2017 - Aug 2017
Summer Training.
Worked under: Upstream / PE&D / ECC / EASD / GIAD.
Worked on two projects using Bash (Linux Shell).
Jul 2017 - Aug 2017

Web developer (frontend)

Apr 2017 - Jan 2038
Worked on several projects alone and with several groups.
A portfolio is shown above
Apr 2017 - Jan 2038


Mar 2014 - Apr 2017
Programming (free time).
Used to program at free time with serval programming lanuages like Java (mostly), C, C++ and Python.
Built minor gadgets to faciliate my day-to-day needs, one of them is Registerer
Mar 2014 - Apr 2017
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You can reach me via my accounts, or view them here.